What We Do

Basically, we're looking to recreate what life was like for men & women during the American Civil War, both soldiers & civilians.

Battles & skirmishes obviously form a large part of this, but we also do living history displays and cameos to portray how the people lived, cooked, ate, worked etc.

Ours is very much a family orientated unit and we welcome all - old 'uns, young 'uns, and little 'uns.

Where We Do It

Each year, the season usually starts around Easter and runs to September. There are normally between 6 & 12 events at venues all over the country. A full schedule is produced before the season commences.

How We Do It

We try and make sure that uniforms, clothing & equipment are as authentic as possible. There is plenty of help and guidance for new recruits on how to acquire the correct gear, including the necessary licences needed to own & carry the muskets that we use.

For the battles, we ensure that everyone is correctly and safely trained in handling the weapons that we use, and is familiar with the battlefield drill & manouevres of the period.

There are two campsites at each event, the 'Family Camp' where modern caravans, tents etc. are situated or, for a true taste of  period life, the 'Authentic Camp' where we recreate, as far as possible, the conditions in which the soldiers of the time lived.

John Bell Hood